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Tax exemption

Yes, you have read correctly. In the UAE, there is no tax at the company level, nor are you liable for tax as an individual. Forget about terms like capital gains tax, business tax or income tax from now on with your new Dubai company.

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Accounting freedom

Apart from the considerably reduced workload, the omission of bookkeeping also saves the monthly costs of a tax consultant. In the future, you will no longer have to worry about write-offs, pay for the gift for your wife in the jewelry store or the weekly shopping in the supermarket with the credit card of your Dubai company.

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There are no public company registers in the UAE, as is the case in UK, for example. Therefore, the managing directors and shareholders of a company in Dubai remain anonymous. Practically, no connection can be established between you and your Dubai company.

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Dubai enjoys a high reputation among tourists as well as business people. Dubai stands for sun, luxury and fancy leisure activities. There are so-called double taxation agreements with all developed industrial countries like UK. Therefore you have no problems to invoice European companies in high tax countries.

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Why establish a company in the United Arab Emirates?

As a ­Dubai-based ­service provider, ­we ­appreciate ­the ­myriad ­benefits of the ­United ­Arab ­Emirates.

­The ­United ­Arab ­Emirates has ­become the ­number one ­location in the world of ­offshore ­company formation. ­So if you are looking for ­a ­location for your company or your ­future residence ­outside the EU­, the ­United ­Arab ­Emirates is the place ­to be­.

A company in the ­United ­Arab ­Emirates ­is ­particularly ­suitable for ­entrepreneurs from the ­e-commerce­, ­online marketing ­and ­consulting ­sectors, in ­addition to the ­classic ­business areas.

UAE-based ­companies ­also ­harmonize ­perfectly with ­major ­commerce­ and ­marketing platforms ­such as ­Amazon, ­Shopify ­and Clickfunnels. ­A connection to ­the ­largest and ­most popular ­payment providers ­such as ­PayPal, ­Digistore ­and 2Checkout ­is ­available. ­Trading cryptocurrencies ­on ­popular ­exchanges like Kraken ­and Bitstamp ­is ­also ­possible ­without any restrictions.

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Why not a company in the European Union?

In ­reality, there is ­no ­effective ­0% ­tax rate ­within the EU ­and trustees ­create only ­limited anonymity­. More info.

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Living in the UAE?

Even though the United Arab Emirates attracts with almost unlimited possibilities and a very high quality of life, living in the UAE is not necessary to run an offshore company. Entering the UAE every 180 days for at least 24 hours is sufficient.

About us

In order to ­meet ­our ­own high ­standards ­and to make ­the ­most ­of all the ­advantages of the UAE ­listed­ above­, ­we ­only ­establish ­companies ­directly in the ­largest free trade zone in ­Dubai and ­link ­the ­establishment of the company ­with the application for ­a ­Residence ­Visa, ­also in Dubai.

The ­establishment of a company ­in Dubai ­entitles the ­managing director and, if applicable, his ­family­ to ­apply for ­a ­Residence ­Visa. ­Together with the high ­reputation of ­a company in Dubai, as well as the ­Residence ­Visa and ­our long-standing ­contacts ­to ­selected ­banks, a ­bank account ­can be ­opened ­without ­problems for your newly founded ­company and you as a ­private person­. By opening the ­bank accounts ­with a ­Residence ­Visa in Dubai, ­you are considered by ­our ­selected ­banks as a ­resident in ­the ­United ­Arab ­Emirates­. Thus, there is ­no ­exchange of information ­with ­foreign ­authorities ­regarding ­your ­finances. ­To ­maintain the ­Residence ­Visa in Dubai, ­you ­only­ need to ­stay in Dubai ­for ­at least 24 ­hours ­every 180 days­.

The ­complete ­process of ­company formation ­and ­residence ­visa ­application ­takes place ­online through us as a service and does ­not require any ­personal ­presence on ­your part.

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Popular mistakes at a glance!

Many company founders make mistakes when incorporating in the UAE. Do not be blinded by cheap and outdated company forms, which at the end of the day do not get a bank account. We help you to get an overview of the constantly changing conditions in the UAE and accompany you during your foundation.

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Rosemont helps you with your business start-up and tax-free wealth accumulation in the United Arab Emirates.

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1. Business plan

Tailored to you and your needs, we prepare a business plan, which is submitted to the Business Authority for review before the company is established, together with the desired name of your company.

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2. Articles of association

Once the business plan and desired name have been approved, you can sign the company agreement online through us. You will receive all company documents by mail in original and in advance by e-mail within 24 hours after signing.

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3. Residence VISA

The successful establishment of a company entitles you to apply for the Residence VISA. We will take care of the application for you. After submitting all data online, you will receive your Emirates ID within 2-3 days.

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4. Bank account

Once you have received your Emirates ID, we will make the bank appointment on the same day. Your private bank account will be opened immediately and the debit card will be issued. The business bank account will be opened in 4 weeks on average. We guarantee the bank account opening.

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